You Should Avoid Things That Make Your AC Breaks Faster

You Should Avoid Things That Make Your AC Breaks Faster

Ac has its own lifespan. Just like other electronics, you should take care of it so yours can be used for a long time. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use it when you want to. Instead of not using it, we recommend you to use it wisely. Only use the AC when it’s really hot when you can’t get sleep, or simply use it without setting it to the coldest temperature. Furthermore, aside from calling the aircon servicing singapore to maintain it, there are other things that can make your AC breaks faster air conditioning repair companies.

Here are things that can make your AC breaks sooner:

An AC Breaks faster if you use it for too long

We don’t recommend you to turn on your AC for too long. It’s because an excessive you of your air conditioner might make it break sooner than it should be. That’s why only use it according to your sleep hours, and turn it off immediately after you wake up from your sleep. Although if you wish to use your AC for a little bit longer, we recommend you not to use the low temperatures if you want to preserve its durability.

You should not forget to clean it

If you forget to clean your AC regularly, dust will get stacked in its inner parts. When it happens, you can expect that the air quality in your room will become worse, as well as the temperature won’t be as cool as usual. We recommend you to clean it at least once every six months by yourself, or you may also call the trusted AC repair company near your area to do the job for you.

Exposing your AC to leaking rainwater is bad

Although an air conditioner produces water as its waste, it doesn’t mean that your AC is water-resistant. We recommend you to move your AC if its located under the leakage of water from a pipe or when the rainwater leaks into your house. It’s an electronic, so it may get damaged by water too.

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