You May Need These Tricks To Clean Your Granite Tiles

You May Need These Tricks To Clean Your Granite Tiles

Even though the granite tile is made of stone, it doesn’t mean you can use it as a variety of ways to keep the granite tile looking as good as when it was first installed. Care is needed when choosing how to clean the granite tile to make it shiny. Apart from that, if you need reliable experts who can clean your granite tiles professionally, you can always call the best

Here are some of the best tricks and tips for cleaning tiles made of granite:

How to clean the newly installed granite tile

If the granite has just been installed, avoid using a wet mop to clean the tile. This method will not damage the tile, but it is very possible to leave a very striking scratch due to the spread of fine dust left behind. It is recommended to use a vacuum and dry dust mops to clean it.

Try to clean it every day

Prevent accumulation of dust and dirt on the granite tile by regularly cleaning it every day using a dry microfiber dust cloth. How to clean the granite tile, this one can take care of the natural beauty of the granite tile and maintain the shine of the tile.

Clean the spill immediately

As mentioned earlier, granite and marble can be easily stained by a spilled liquid, even if it’s just plain water. To avoid lagging stains on granite tiles, it is strongly recommended that you clean the spill as soon as possible. And try to do it with the recommended technique so as not to further damage the granite tile.

Make sure you dry the spill with a cleaning cloth that absorbs the liquid perfectly. Avoid rubbing or wiping stains, especially with rough movements. Because the method can make stains deeper left in the pores of the tile. The nature of the granite tile is almost similar to the carpet, so the technique of cleaning the stain is similar.

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