Whiten Teeth With Natural Ingredients

Whiten Teeth With Natural Ingredients

Who does not want to have white teeth shining like a pearl? Unfortunately, not infrequently lifestyle and other factors cause the discoloration of teeth to yellowish. Yellow teeth can be caused by many things, such as consuming too much tea or coffee, smoking, teeth aging due to age, high-acid foods such as soda or sweets, dry mouth sufferers, antibiotics, and genetic factors. Yellow teeth can be very embarrassing and make a person feel less confident when faced with the crowd.

This is why the cosmetics industry can generate billions of dollars of profits from teeth whitening products. Unfortunately, these unnatural beauty products get a lot of criticism from scientists because they contain harmful particles that can remove tooth enamel. In addition to using beauty products, there is also a professional dental treatment using a laser. However, this method also has its own side effects that make the teeth become sensitive.

Want to have shining white teeth but be afraid of the side effects arising from such unnatural ways? You can try using some of the following natural ingredients that can also help restore the natural luster of your teeth.

– Orange peel

You can also use fresh orange peel as a natural ingredient to remove yellow stains in teeth. The trick, mash the orange peel until smooth then rub the orange peel into the tooth slowly with the fingers. Let stand for 10-15 minutes and gargle-rinse using clean water. Do it regularly for one or two weeks then this way will help restore the natural luster of teeth.

– Raw fruits and vegetables

Biting raw vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and raw fruits like apples can also help make your teeth white and strong. Rub the teeth with the raw fruit or vegetables slowly to remove the plaque that sticks to the teeth that make teeth look yellowish.

– Apple cider vinegar

Another way you need to try to whiten your teeth and get rid of yellow stains on your teeth is to use apple cider vinegar. The way by diluting apple cider vinegar then use to gargle-gargle every night before bed. In addition to making your teeth white, apple cider vinegar can also help eliminate bad breath.

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