Unique Inspiration Theme For Company’s Outing

Unique Inspiration Theme For Company’s Outing

After working for so long, there’s nothing wrong a few times in a year your company doing outing together. Outing activities can be considered very important because in addition to refreshing the mind of the work routine can also be used to familiarize and strengthen the ropes of cooperation among employees.

Rather than just eating or eating ordinary course, it’s good to do a unique outing that can always be remembered together. Here are some recommendations for unique outing themes that are memorable to the company!

1. Outing with the theme of the night market festival.
Basically, the outing was held to keep the employees refreshed a bit from the work routine. For that, just have an outing with the following theme. An evening festival that is synonymous with cheerfulness and excitement will surely leave a deep impression on every employee.

Companies can prepare various games such as bouncy castle hire and hawker booth at night to bring up the night market ambiance during the outing. Meanwhile, in the morning until noon outing can be filled with exciting team building activities and testing the cohesiveness among employees.

2. Outing with the theme of treasure hunters.
In addition to the theme of the night market festival, one of the exciting outing themes for the company is a treasure hunter. Inspired by treasure-hunters themed movies, outing with this concept is arguably a one-stop-entertainment. Team building can be done, entertainment and refresh it can.

Doing outing with this theme can be done by giving clue to the participants to find the location of a treasure chest. The treasure chest itself contains door prizes or gifts that should be shared and taken home by the participants. Each headed to a treasure chest position can be given an exciting challenge and certainly test the team’s cohesiveness.

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