Types of Pastry Usually Served For Brunch Menu

Types of Pastry Usually Served For Brunch Menu

Do you like pastry? The pastry is not only served as dessert. Humans have a new eating habit, which is to skip breakfast then eat at the hour before lunch. The name of the habit is brunch. Usually, people who prefer brunch are those who are very busy. Seeing this phenomenon, finally, the pastry became one of the brunch menus.

Pastry making refers to various pastes (dough and dough) and many other derivative products. Some pastry products use yeast and some don’t use yeast. In general, crispy textured pastry products. There are various types of pastry, but we will provide an explanation of the pastry that is most consumed by people:

– Croissant Pastry
Croissant pastry is a puff pastry mixture added with yeast in it. Because of the addition of yeast, this type of pastry looks more fluffy than other pastries. For forms, generally, pastry croissants are shaped like a crescent moon and are served as a complimentary breakfast menu for tea or coffee.

– Phyllo Pastry
Phyllo pastry has a crisper texture. Phyllo Pastry is almost the same as puff pastry but the oil used in it is much less. Phyllo pastry after baking will take the form of a paper-thin layer so that when it is bitten it will easily break.

– Choux Pastry
Choux pastry is made in a pan without being ground or folded beforehand. Choux pastry is formed using a special choux syringe and a soft, blank texture inside. Usually, this pastry is filled with chocolate. The ingredients for choux pastry are margarine and cooked to melted water and then added flour which is all mixed until smooth and not sticky and then printed.

– Eclaire
Eclaire is one of the pastry variants that have the contents in it, usually containing something sweet. Eclaire itself has a long shape with a soft texture.

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