Type of Workers Viewed from Types of Work Bags Taken to the Office

Type of Workers Viewed from Types of Work Bags Taken to the Office

The bag is not just a fashion item. Its function as a carrier apparently can explain the personality of a worker. Here are five characteristics of workers when viewed from the type of briefcase he took to the office. Which type are you? The size is relatively small and has a strap that hung down to the waist. In accordance with its capacity which only fit some important items such as mobile phones, cards, and wallets, the figure of the worker who brought this model briefcase implements the principle of work as efficiently as possible. They are the right type and go home alias do not want to overtime. Not only men who now use a briefcase, urban women also carry large bags with many of these compartments. Most of the figures carrying the briefcase are ambitious workers, engrossed in the pursuit of targets, and cleaners. Most men have an excessive appetite for a briefcase for men.

Those who choose a backpack as a briefcase are usually people who seek comfort wherever they are, including the workplace. As workers, they are usually quiet people, peace lovers, and anti-office politics. Tote bag users are classified as smart workers in strategy, loving the balance between their personal life and work world, and are happy to work as planned. Usually, these workers simply use a bag in his clothes to carry a pen, wallet, and cell phone. Obviously, they are the idealistic type, easy to express their thoughts, and like work that prioritizes planning. You must know how the appearance can have the same effect on your success and career in the office. Well, imagine how it would look cool if you damaged your backpack beloved bag beloved. To be sure, in addition to the clothes and shoes you wear, the briefcase can also address your status at the office. So, forget the parachute bag, you use often. Remember, you’ve not been in school or college again. It’s time to change your bag as a more stylish, professional, and make you look like a successful man.

Not a briefcase luggage model box your father’s inheritance box first. This leather briefcase is the world’s most popular work bag. Classic model, impressed sturdy and looks elegant, make your appearance come up. Professionals and superiors usually happy make this bag because it can protect files or documents well because of its solid shape.

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