Tips on how to take care of Stucked car window glass

Tips on how to take care of Stucked car window glass

Car windows on the windows often experience problems so the driver has difficulty raising and lowering the glass. The problem that often occurs is that the window glass is stuck fast because there is dust or dirt so that the surface of the glass becomes a beret that reduces the ‘clarity’ of the glass. Do you need to deal with Car windows tinted when it comes to the protection and maintenance of the car window? Can it help you prevent any unwanted problem related to the car windows?

Although at present almost all cars have applied an automatic power window system, that cannot solve this problem. There still has to be intensive care from car users to overcome the traffic stuck fast window. The cause of the window glass is stuck fast or dragged, among others, dirt stuck to the glass path. Like a pile of dust or other debris that enters the glass path. It could also be due to the damage to the power window motor, to move the regulator related to the movement of the glass.

In order to overcome this, periodic maintenance is needed, especially cleaning the windshield paths that often get dirt or dust. To clean the glass lane, you can use shampoo, by rubbing the shampoo on the windshield lane while raising the window glass. If the windshield lane is made of rubber, maintenance on the rubber is carried out periodically. The rubber that is brittle or hardens and loses its elasticity will cause the window glass to stuck fast. How to treat this rubber using moisturizing liquid so that the rubber remains elastic and functions optimally.

To add as the note, never use oil to facilitate the car’s glass up / down. This is because it will make the rubber strip of glass even harden and become a thicker nest of dust and clump.

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