This Influence of Genetics on Addiction to Narcotics and Others

This Influence of Genetics on Addiction to Narcotics and Others

The use of narcotics is not a good thing for the body and can even damage your overall health. So, the thing you need to do is get used to not using various things that can cause addiction such as narcotics and the like. If this happens, then the right treatment or therapy should be done immediately. One therapy that uses ayhuasca is a therapy that is often done in various places to deal with this problem.

However, addiction to narcotics or other things also turns out to be influenced by genetic factors that you have. This has even been agreed by experts. Although not 100 percent of the symptoms of addiction are due to genetics, genetics can also affect it.

Some experts believe that genetic factors have an influence of up to 50 percent in making someone an addict. However, there will certainly be other factors that can encourage someone to become dependent on something. In the end, addiction is influenced by many factors, including environmental factors, parents, and individual responses to something. Even though it has considerable influence, genetic factors are not the only one and not the main factor that causes addiction.

Someone comes from a family environment or has a history of drug addicts, for example, it does not necessarily make him become an addict. There are many people who actually live in an environment that is close to drugs but can live healthy without being addicted. It can be concluded that addiction to something can occur because of the body’s response to it. To avoid this, it’s good to think twice before trying something and avoid getting used to something that might have a negative impact on the body.

Especially, when you want to try to use narcotics, it’s a good idea to think more than once before you use it because it can have a very bad effect on yourself and the health you have.

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