This Guide May Help You Choose The Right Tile

This Guide May Help You Choose The Right Tile

Tiles are not limited to use only in the kitchen and bathroom, whether on walls or floors. You can experiment with creating something different and interesting in each room without the need for professional help. In addition to the superiority of tiles, you will get other benefits such as durable and inexpensive maintenance costs. Apart from that, you may call the best tile cleaning north shore when you can’t clean your tiles by yourself learn more here.

Here are the tips for you to choose the right tiles:

Where will you install the tile?

Dining tiles

Not only good for use in your bathroom or kitchen, but tiles can also help make amazing features in every room of the house. Choosing the right tile can help create the illusion of space so that it feels wider, plus the type of tile you choose can bring a certain atmosphere to your room.

Floor Tiles

Thick, strong and durable makes ceramics a good feature for your floor. In addition, floor tiles are also the right choice if you have allergies such as dust because only by cleaning with a broom, mop or dirt vacuum cleaner is easy to clean.

Wall and floor tiles

If you are looking for something that can create a minimalist and stylish space, choose the right tiles between your floor tiles and wall tiles. In the bathroom space with the right selection of tiles, you can even create a different atmosphere like in a spa inside your home.

What tile surface do you want?


Has a rough surface and is suitable for outdoor and indoor use such as the garage, terrace, garden, and bathroom.

Matt / Satin

Has a surface that is not rough and not slippery. Suitable for indoor use such as kitchens, living rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. Can also be used for outdoor such as terraces and balconies.


Has a glossy and slippery surface. Suitable for indoor use such as living rooms, bedrooms and can also be used as wall tiles. Has an effect on the atmosphere of the room to feel cooler and look more elegant. Besides this type of tile also has nano polish technology that can make tiles resistant to stains and scratches.

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