Things Not Allowed For Acne Patients

Things Not Allowed For Acne Patients

Not everyone is suitable to use acne drug products recommended television ads, beauty bloggers, friends, even dermatologist though. Try not to use more than two products to get rid of acne. Human skin, especially facial skin, takes time to adapt to receiving the efficacy of the drug substance used. Acne medicine contains ingredients that can make the skin dry, so mixing it in one time will cause the skin cannot absorb the drug content efficiently and result in excessive acne problems. Meanwhile, you can also watch more zit videos to understand more about this skin problem.

– Do not Forget Sunscreen and Face Moisturizer

Well, the basic skin care stage is not forgotten just to take care of your facial skin. Once you are in the process of facial skin care that is problematic, you assume that it no longer requires sunscreen and more moisturizer. Basically, the acne remedies you use contain substances that make the skin dry so that moisturizer use can help hydrate the skin against the dry effects it causes. The use of sunscreen is done to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from the effects of acne remedy that most make the skin become sensitive to sunlight.

– Make no mistake in using the product

The use of acne medications sold freely on the market without knowing the ingredients and dosage can result in worsening acne, especially ingredients that contain alcohol. You should find out first, what composition and side effects that can arise on the paper composition of the drug to be purchased, then whether it matches the skin type and skin problems that you experience.

Benzoyl peroxide is a drug used to treat acne. Benzoyl peroxide is an external drug (topical), can be the only content or mixed with other ingredients, such as antibiotics, to overcome acne. This drug serves to reduce inflammation, kill the bacteria that cause acne, and open the pores of the closed skin. Benzoyl peroxide is an external medicine. Clean and dry the acne prone skin before applying it with benzoyl peroxide. Avoid touching the area of skin that has been smeared this drug, at least one hour after use. Store this medicine at a temperature between 15-30 degrees Celsius, and keep it out of reach of children. Use sunscreen if you want to do the activity under the hot sun. This drug can make the skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight.

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