These Carpet Styles Are Nice For Bathroom

These Carpet Styles Are Nice For Bathroom

Decorating a bathroom to look beautiful and feel comfortable can be done in many ways. One of them is by decorating using bathroom rugs that are currently becoming a trend ultra brite carpet tile cleaning. The application of carpets in the bathroom is becoming this trend not only can make the bathroom look prettier, but also makes the bathroom floor safer and not slippery. Aside from that, check out the best carpet cleaning north shore when you must hire a trusted carpet cleaning expert.

The style and concept of the decor that is applied to the bathroom also look firmer with the addition of the bathroom carpet or rug. A lot of decoration styles that can be applied through bathroom rugs, among them are the following styles.


The Persian style carpet model is one of the trends in bathroom carpet that can be imitated. The design of the carpet is distinctive and has quite detailed motifs, making the carpet look more charming and prominent. The concept of this carpet can give the impression of Persian style in the bathroom interior.

Fur Accents

Carpets with fur accents have properties that can make the bathroom interior look elegant. Generally applying white, this type of carpet has a modern and neutral impression so that it can blend well with the interior design of the bathroom. Soft fur accents on the carpet make the bathroom looks more comfortable and warm.


The bohemian style bathroom will certainly be incomplete without applying the carpet on the floor. So it is not surprising if, in almost all Bohemian-style bathrooms, carpet is one of the decorations that must be present. There is no need to fear that the bohemian motif cannot blend with bathroom decor, because the bohemian style allows homeowners to mix various elements and styles freely.


The concept of geometric patterns in bathrooms is not only applicable to ceramics or tiles but can also be applied to carpets or bathrooms. You can choose a simple geometric motif that is quite complicated in accordance with the wishes and design of the bathroom.

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