These Are The Trending Marketing Video Formats In 2019

These Are The Trending Marketing Video Formats In 2019

In the increasingly tight competition in the business world, entrepreneurs compete to attract the attention of customers with the best advertising media and large funds. They must be able to package attractive ad formats on internet and digital media. Neil Wood-Mitchell, Director of Three Motion, tried to offer a solution for the owners of the company. According to him, video marketing will still be one of the effective tools that marketers can use to maximize marketing efforts in 2019. Neil revealed, there are four video marketing formats that will become a trend in 2019, which marketers can consider for their marketing and communication strategies, they are Video or Projection mapping, Live Video, Virtual Reality, and Square Shaped Videos.

Here are the marketing video formats:

1. Video Mapping

Video Mapping has been around for several years. However, technological developments have enabled the technique of video mapping (making 3D projections on a flat surface) to be more mainstream and preferred. Business people such as Coca-Cola, the Guinness Factory, and the Walt Disney Company have made Video Mapping their experimental marketing. Later, startups and educational institutions also use video mapping to convey their commercial messages.

2. Live Video

Live Video is indeed not a new trend. However, Live Video will grow at an incredible pace in 2019. People will spend 3 times watching live videos longer than previously recorded videos.

3. Virtual Reality (VR)

The number of active VR users is estimated to reach more than 170 million dollars in 2019. Demand for VR video is expected to increase next year, considering that in October 2017, Facebook launched Oculus Go. It has been appreciated by technology enthusiasts because it is considered to be very user-friendly.

4. Square Shaped Videos

Today more and more people are consuming videos through their smartphones. As a result, the format in which videos are presented also shifts to be relevant to the social channels used. There are more than 80% of people now consuming videos through their smartphones, especially through social media applications. The way the videos are now presented and formatted on mobile devices of course also changes to suit the social media platform.

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