These Are The Popular Types Minimalist Roofs

These Are The Popular Types Minimalist Roofs

Clay tile is the tile that is most in demand by the community. The advantages of this tile are the relatively affordable price, easy to find, available in various forms and models, strong (still safe despite being stepped on), durable (although the weather in some countries is rapidly changing like heat, cold and rain), safe from attacks insects, easy installation. For the disadvantages of this clay-made tile roof is if you do not coat it with paint it will quickly mossy and moldy, the installation requires wood that is quite a lot as a frame. But you don’t need to worry, there are many ways to deal with damp and moldy walls that you can do yourself. Meanwhile, you may also want to visit a trusted roof contractor’s website if you wish to know more information on roofing.

Roof tile concrete

On ordinary concrete tile roofs, roofing material is printed from concrete which looks like clay tile. Concrete roof tiles are usually installed in houses for Minimalist Home Designs. There are various choices of models that you can choose from tile that is bumpy to the flat with a variety of beautiful color choices. You can also believe the level of quality and durability. Resistant to weather, fire and insect attacks.

The disadvantage of concrete roof tiles is that concrete roof tiles are heavier than clay tile roofs. The price is also more expensive than clay tile roofs.

Cast concrete roof

Cast concrete roofs are often called reinforced concrete roofs. Cast concrete roofs are often chosen and installed in multi-story houses that have more than one floor. In addition to terraced houses, cast concrete roofs are also often chosen at homes that have a lounge or a drying room on the roof. Its sturdy shape is one of the hallmarks of cast concrete roof. Other advantages are the level of durability, weather resistance, weathering and quite resistant to fire.

The disadvantage of cast concrete roofs is that if they are getting older, moss, ferns, and other wild plants can be possible to grow. In addition, the cast concrete roof is quite heavy.

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