These are The Fundamental Difference Of Kefir And Yogurt What You Need To Know

These are The Fundamental Difference Of Kefir And Yogurt What You Need To Know

Many think that kefir is a kind of yogurt that is very appropriate for consumption to improve the health of the body. In fact, many of those who consume kefir ireland to improve health and cure various diseases suffered. However, there are actually some fundamental differences from kefir and yogurt.

The way of making is different. In the process of fermentation, cow’s milk, goats or sheep mixed with kefir grains containing Streptococci and Lactobacilli or Streptococcus sp and Lactobacilli bacteria.
Fresh milk is preheated to hygienic at 85-90 degrees Celsius. Then store in a container and let stand to a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius. After that, milk is mixed with kefir seeds.
This process is left for one night until fermentation occurs by kefir seeds. As a result, milk will form a lump. These clumps are then filtered to separate the kefir seeds with a ready-to-drink drink of kefir.
Kefir can be enjoyed in various ways. Can be added sugar or honey according to taste. If not taken directly, kefir can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 to 3 days.

– Kefir seeds
Kefir seeds are the main ingredient in making kefir drink. The seeds of kefir are yellowish-white granules. The color will be tanned to be browned when inserted in milk.
The size of kefir seed varies, ranging from 1 to 15 mm. Contains yeast symbiotic breeding and bacterial Seedlings. filtered kefir that has been used can be reused after previously washed with boiled water. Should be stored in the refrigerator in freezing conditions.

– Benefits of Kefir
Similar to fermented milk, kefir has many health benefits. Some benefits of kefir are:
1. Pressing the growth of bad bacteria in the digestive system so it is very good to overcome the problem of digestion
2. Act as probiotics
3. Lowering cholesterol
4. Prevent cancer or tumors, especially gastrointestinal cancers
5. Strengthen heart muscle. Prevents coronary heart disease
In addition to rich benefits, you can also enjoy kefir with various flavors. In various places, kefir is sold mixed with fruit flavor.

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