These Are 6 Benefits Of Kayaking For Physical And Mental Health

These Are 6 Benefits Of Kayaking For Physical And Mental Health

Water sports are always interesting to try. Not only makes the body healthy, but water sports can also make you happy. Besides swimming, there are actually various water sports that are worth a try. One of them is kayaking. Want to know, what are the benefits for your body’s health? On the other hand, if you’re a beginner in kayaking, then perhaps you need to look for the best Kayak Parts for Sale.

Here are 6 of the kayaking benefits:

1. The whole body moves

When playing kayak, then you automatically move all parts of your body, especially the main muscle groups including the legs, arms, back, abdomen, and pelvis.

2. Burn calories

Kayaking at speeds of around 3-5 miles per hour can burn your calories by 400 calories. In fact, some studies show that rowing can burn calories faster than when you ride.

3. Increase strength training

Repetition of rowing movements when you move the kayak you need great strength. This can increase your body’s strength.

4. Increasing joint flexibilitya

Lack of physical activity can make the joint wear out. Meanwhile, if you do activities such as kayaking, you can increase the production of synovial fluid so that the joints are lubricated.

5. Reducing stress

Most of the places that you use to play the kayak must be associated with the outside. Besides rowing, you will definitely look around you who can calm your mind and reduce stress.

6. It helps you find new friends

When you join a kayaking community, you can be certain that there will be a lot of new friends that you can find there. One of the best things that unite people is a hobby, so you may enjoy talking about kayaking with them

Those are the five health benefits that you can get by playing your kayak. So, are you interested in trying it? If yes, we recommend you to visit the kayaking lover community in your city.

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