These 3 Health Problems Disturb Your Cognitive Function

These 3 Health Problems Disturb Your Cognitive Function

Cognitive is the brain’s ability to be one of the main factors in determining the quality of life of a person Unfortunately, this one brain function tends to begin to slowly decline in late adulthood. Decreased brain cognitive function skills can also be affected by the health condition of each person’s body. Therefore, people tend to do their best in order to maintain the health of their brain, and you may also try to consume nitric oxide supplements in order to enhance your memory and concentration.

These are the 3 health problems that disturb your cognitive capability:

1. Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is damage to brain cells that affect cognitive function. This disease is characterized by a decrease in memory (frequent senility), changes in behavior, and difficulty speaking and communicating.

General Alzheimer’s appears in old age, usually from the age of 65 and older. However, various symptoms of Alzheimer’s do not occur immediately and simultaneously suddenly. Rather it develops gradually as you get older. The development of initial symptoms can even appear as early as the age of 40-50s.

2. Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer’s both show typical symptoms that are similar, namely easy to forget (senile). Both also interfere with your cognitive function. No wonder that both are often considered the same. However, this is not.

Alzheimer’s is a causative disease of 60-70 percent of dementia cases. Yes. Dementia is a manifestation of the latest stages of Alzheimer’s development. In dementia, damage to the cognitive function of the brain has already been so severe that it inhibits the ability to think, remember, and change the behavior of sufferers.

Dementia can also include more specific conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, severe brain injury, and so on.

3. Stroke

Stroke is a blockage of blood flow in blood vessels in the brain. When the brain does not get enough oxygen and nutrients, the cells and healthy tissue of the brain will begin to weaken and then die.

Cognitive function is one of the targets of a stroke. That’s why strokes can make sufferers often have difficulty doing activities like before. Stroke can interfere with concentration to think, difficulty speaking and speaking, difficulty remembering, even inhibiting your body’s motor skills.

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