The Right Ways In Cleaning Tiles

The Right Ways In Cleaning Tiles

Generally, many people use ceramic-type floors for the floors in their homes. Even ceramics are not only used as floors but can also be used to coat the walls of the house. Living rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Today, tile floors have a variety of choices. Starting from the box, rectangular, to octagonal. When compared to tile floors and ceramic floors, the size of the pores on terracotta tiles is wider. This makes the surface more comfortable and doesn’t feel hard. On the other hand, the large size of the pores also makes the tile surface easily dirty and worn out quickly. Regarding the tile material, your tile must clean. You must clean your tiles regularly. If you don’t have time if you should do it every single day, you can call the carpet cleaner.

There are many tile cleaning service companies. You can choose a local one that can reach your location within a few minutes. You must get the best service because hiring a tile cleaning service is your investment in keeping your home clean and beautiful.

If the floor in your house has a porous surface, you should provide a protective layer/wax on the terracotta floor. The process of applying this layer is fairly easy, namely by using electric polisher or soft cloth. Perform this process with the frequency once a week for the first six weeks so that the floor surface is protected and shinier.

As a form of daily care, you can clean the surface of this terracotta tile using a broom or vacuum cleaner. Whereas when mopping, it is recommended to always use floor cleaning fluid to eradicate germs that adhere to the surface and pores. Never even rub the floor using a rough brush if you don’t want the tile surface to be scratched.

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