The Reason Why Atheists Are Considered To Be Immoral By Most People Naturally

The Reason Why Atheists Are Considered To Be Immoral By Most People Naturally

New research compiled by the international team concluded that atheists are “generally considered to be potentially bad and dangerous” even in secular countries positive prayers for healing. The study, published in the journal Nature Human Behavior, examines the responses of more than 3,000 people from 13 countries on five continents. Those who took part in the study were asked the question of whether someone in shadow, who tortured animals at a young age before becoming a teacher and then killed five homeless people, was most likely to be religious or atheist. In all groups of people studied, it was found that they were twice as likely to believe that the killer was a person who did not believe in God or an atheist. Meanwhile, you may want to take a look at the miracle healing prayer service if you’re a Christian.

This new research also shows that some atheists even have an ‘anti-atheist bias’ that is already embedded when they judge one’s morality. One study compiler, Will Gervais, lecturer in psychology at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, told the AFP news agency: “It is remarkable that even atheists appear to have an instinctive anti-atheist bias.

“I think this problem stems from the prevalence of deeply rooted pro-religion norms. Even in places where at this stage are frankly quite secular, people still seem to hold the belief that religion is the guardian of morals.”

Different perspective

However, the anti-racist bias is more prevalent in countries where many people believe in God, such as the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and India. Only New Zealand and Finland do not show a clear bias towards atheists.

Will Gervais argues that religion is the main benchmark in assessing one’s morality.

“This is a matter of the point of view and the principle used to look at it. So if they say that atheists are lacking in morality or lack of morality, of course, the absolute words have used a certain basis of belief.

However, in the sociological and anthropological life of society, the benchmark of one’s morality, including atheists, is the existence of behavior.

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