The misunderstanding with the computer of the embroidery machine

The misunderstanding with the computer of the embroidery machine

It turns out there are still many mistakes and misunderstand myths when using computer embroidery machines. The computer-based embroidery machine is very easy to work and make embroidery business so much faster growing. But some misconceptions about the computer embroidery machine make the job so much more complicated. Some of these errors will be discussed in this article. Meanwhile, you may also need to take a look at the website of a trusted embroidery service company that you can hire.

Good designs can be sewn on all machines, fabrics, colors, and textures. If not then the error is on the digitizer

In fact, there is no design that can really be sewn perfectly. When the embroidery process is done, the hoop can move and the fabric will also move along with the pressure from the stitches that come out and enter. Creating a good embroidery or professional-looking embroidery is a collaboration between digitizer and embroidery itself.

Many factors that may affect the quality of the embroidery itself include one of which is the possibility of the needle being blunted due to overuse or waves on the fabric causing the sutures difficult to fabricate and ruin the fabric. Needles can become dull due to the pressure gave when the embroidery machine is working and the old, dull and damaged needles will cause some punctures to be missed.

Additionally, errors when installing a hoop will cause the cloth to move easily because it is not installed securely. The selection of unsuitable combinations between the fabric and the design can also produce poor results. Textured fabrics require different digitalization techniques than fabric in general. The process of digitizing in computer embroidery machines is just one determinant of quality embroidery, many factors besides that will determine the end result.

Yarn that breaks due to a design that is not well digitized

Of course the possibility of threads breaking out due to poor digitizing techniques. In computer embroidery machines are relying on the correct digitization to produce commands on the machine clearly. The most common damage associated with the design is a puncture that is too short (less than 1mm) or a seam that is too tight.

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