The Best Leather Tote – Ilishop Large Tote

The Best Leather Tote – Ilishop Large Tote

This time, the best leather tote is included in the largest leather tote category. Ilishop may seem unfamiliar, different from other brands, Ilishop is a brand from an American company that gets their product from China.

Ilishop leather tote bag has a size of 19x6x12inch. Just like a tote bag in general, it also has many pockets inside. They also provide a divider that also used as a pocket. This leather tote bag is very flexible and stretchy, it can be a small or even large leather tote. This one of the best leather totes are price offered around $54. This leather tote costs very inexpensive because they have a not so good quality. They used genuine leather as the materials.

Genuine leather is the lowest grade of leather. Different with another type of leather, genuine leather actually created in a way of sticking and tightening strips of leather. This technique that makes genuine leather become less expensive.

However, this leather tote is durable. But, the zipper that is being used by this leather is not durable. Even the zipper that being used it seems like it is undone. This shows that the zipper that is being used is a lower grade of metals.

Besides its not good quality, this leather tote also doesn’t have many variants and style. This series will look boring and monotonous. This series also makes the customers don’t have many choices. This leather tote also doesn’t have decorations like ornaments and mini pockets or slips on the outside. However, this leather tote still becomes a favorite for some people. Their big size and flexibility make this bag still being loved. This leather tote is able to carry so many things. This leather tote is also equipped with a long strap. So, this bag can also be used as a crossbody bag. Unfortunately, the hook it feels so light and seems like made of plastic. If you are using the long strap, the hook can’t carry stuff that too heavy.

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