Style in Arrange Wall Art

Style in Arrange Wall Art

The wall of the house is like an empty canvas. Even if you are not a painter, on the wall you can channel your artistic talents. Maybe not make a mural or graffiti. But, more on arranging the collection of wall art. Either paintings, photographs, fabrics, masks, swords, and other wall decorations. For some people, arranging living room wall art is an easy job. However, it is not so for others. How to make the wall art look stylish, not overlapping, and further strengthen the nuances that you want to wake up in the room, it takes skill as well as a taste of art.

– Eccentric

This eccentric style wall art combines elements between 2D and 3D. If you have photographs, paintings, masks, clothes, and antlers, why not try to apply them in one wall area? The flat impression will be lost. You are like having a wall installation work.

– Grid

You can hang artwork in a minimalist look, neat, and a geometric arrangement. This style you can apply as long as everything has a similar size and aesthetic, for example, small watercolor paintings from Bali. Especially if you have a little OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and like a neat house, then this style is perfect for you.

– Anchor

If you have a large wall art, you’ll want to make it as a wall statement. You can hang it on the wall above the sofa, bed, or table. Painting is the most appropriate wall art for this anchor style. The composition of the room also looks more balanced.

– Bohemian

A striking feature of this style is to place the center of the arrangement of wall art on the eye level. This style will look aligned if you hang wall art with various sizes. You can play with this style to show your personality.

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