Street Art Hotel? Why Not?

Street Art Hotel? Why Not?

Painting is a common decoration in every residence or hotel. In addition, to beautify the room, the painting is also functioned as a soul tranquilizer. One of the paintings that can calm the soul is christian wall art. But at this moment, to beautify the room not only with the paintings attached to the wall but also paintings that are directly drawn on the wall as we used to meet in the streets.

Any street art enthusiast who is traveling to a new place will want to see as many street arts as possible there. Instead of walking and circling, why not see street art from inside the room? Because in many parts of the world there is a unique hotel with the concept of urban art attached to every part of the walls of the building, from Berlin, Marseille, London, Ibiza, San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, North Minneapolis, and Melbourne. Therefore, here are some of the reviews!

1. Ace Hotel – New York
This hotel holds a lot of history, standing centuries in the middle of Manhattan, this building being a protected cultural heritage. Ace New York has been a hub for New Yorkers, Brooklynites, and international travelers looking to enjoy the urban art of this hotel. From the lobby to bed are all filled with stunning urban artwork created by Michael Anderson, Ryder Robinson, The Little Friends, and various other local artists.

2. The Cullen Hotel – Melbourne
The Cullen brings Melbourne street culture to their hotel environment. The hotel has been specially designed with the theme “Street Art Suites” which allows guests to enjoy the street art in their magnificent hotel rooms. The artists paint in each deluxe suite room and are given the facility to stay there. With additional street art scattered throughout the hotel, staying at The Cullen Hotel is a delightful experience for every street art connoisseur.

3. Nhow – Berlin
The Nhow Hotel in Berlin has an art and music concept located directly facing the banks of the River Spree in Friedrichshain, a center of the creative scene, fashion and music. The hotel has two music studios, an epicenter, and a gallery where street artworks. Corridors were made artistically by design by Robert Matzke aka Rookie and David Radon.

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