Small Dosage of Marijuana Can Increase Your Memory Strength

Small Dosage of Marijuana Can Increase Your Memory Strength

Regular small doses of marijuana (cannabis) have proven to make someone experience an increase in the learning process and memory performance. Previously it was tested on old laboratory mice, from which they were able to return to the performance of young and healthy mice. What are the details like? In the meantime, check out skywalker og if you wish to know more about cannabis for disease treatment.


Initial trials were conducted on mice with different age ranges and there was a surprising impact on them between whether or not given marijuana.

These findings suggest that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psycho-active ingredient in marijuana, can produce a significant effect on older brains on younger animals – and if positive effects are passed on to twilight-aged humans, it can help us prevent a decline in cognitive abilities who come with age, including dementia.

According to Andreas Zimmer as a neuro-biologist from the University of Bonn, Germany, treatments for using marijuana can reverse the decline in performance in older animals. Until as if the THC treatment can turn back the molecular clock. During a 4-week period, the Zimmer team included small doses of THC for rats aged 2 months (young), 12 months (adults) and 18 months (old). The quantity given – 3 mg per kg of body mass per day – is still too small to get drunk on these animals, but the researchers wanted to see what effects their endocannabinoid system might have: receptors on the brain and nervous system that help regulate appetite, mood and memory, which also responds to THC.

In cognitive tests that control these animals using water mazes (to measure spatial insight), object recognition and peer recognition, young mice can be much better than adults and older people, as expected. However, when they were given the similar dose amount of THC, the old and mature mice experienced a dramatic increase in their capabilities related to memorizing and learning, as well as young ones, as animals free of drugs. Miraculously, the effect lasted for a long time too – the test didn’t start until 5 days after the mice completed their THC treatment. Even the increase in results continues for several weeks after the treatment.

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