Sleep Drugs Are Not The Right Solution For Insomnia

Sleep Drugs Are Not The Right Solution For Insomnia

One of the many diseases that attack modern society is insomnia or difficult to sleep. Many cases where those who feel very tired and sleepy at work turned out to have trouble sleeping at night. If this is left alone, then the sufferer also has the potential to experience problems of high blood pressure, obesity, to the risk of heart disease. Various ways are done by people with sleep disorders, like sleeping pills that are not recommended by health experts.

Sleeping pills can indeed provide instant effects of sleep that sound and comfortable with instantaneous. However, health experts have done a lot of research and found the fact that sleeping pills are not a good and effective way to improve overall sleep quality considering the many side effects that drinkers can get, especially for those who have been taking it in the long run.

Many sleeping drug users who get side effects of difficulty to wake up or when they wake up, their bodies like in a drunken condition and difficult to immediately alert to perform various activities. In fact, many people claim that if they end up addicted to sleeping pills and just can not afford to sleep in a normal way without taking this drug even though her body already feel very tired.

Instead of taking sleeping pills, professor Kaslow advises insomniacs to make the mind and body more relaxed. He believes if stress is the main cause of this insomnia problem. To overcome this, meditation and relaxation can be done before sleep. If necessary, various technological devices like mobile phones, gadgets, televisions, until the laptop are also turned off so as not to interfere with our relaxation time. In addition, a bad lifestyle like smoking, drinking alcohol, or drinking caffeinated drinks before bedtime should also no longer be done. Although not instantly overcome the problem of sleep, but Kaslow believe if by doing this gradually sleep problems can be overcome.

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