These Sites Will Give You Free Gifts!

These Sites Will Give You Free Gifts!

Usually for college kids aka college student or student living in the boarding house, will find a way how to get money pocket or free pulse from the internet? Is that true? Hopefully not, because the allowance given by parents should be more than enough, isn’t it?

But for those of you who still want to get extra pocket money without sophisticated tools, you better join the lottery on some of these websites. Therefore, here is a list of sites/web that can make you get money, credit, and various vouchers for free only with internet only, without using blogs and such!

1. My Money Goblin on
The first site is a site that provides lots of lottery games that you can play after that you can earn money if you play the lottery that you have played. Do not be afraid of losing because there are so many different types of games you can play that if you lose in the first game you can still play another game until you win cash sweepstakes that promise on the website.

2. Web Points
This site is a reward site whose system by collecting points from various activities that work well done, such as shopping points, points from clicks, points from app downloads, points from a list on a website, and referral points. You can also take a daily quiz that will win 50,000 points directly, which you can exchange with the prizes already provided.

3. Nusaresearch
On the site, you will be asked to answer all the surveys it gives you, every successful survey you complete, then you will get reward points. In addition there are other activities besides filling out the survey, can by submitting survey questions, Invite friends and play games that have been provided. You can also use the smartphone app, so you do not have to do a computer survey.

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