Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer In Men

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer In Men

Like women who have breast and glandular tissue that develop during puberty, men also have breast tissue but the development is incomplete and also does not develop as a woman. But small amounts of breast tissue present in men can also cause breast cancer . This condition is very rare, that is as much as one of a thousand men. Both in men and women, breast cancer is equally dangerous. By visiting, you will get various information about your breast health.

This article will discuss early symptoms of breast cancer in men to watch out for. Most of these symptoms appear in men aged 60-70 years, but not impossible at any age. Here are some early signs of breast cancer in men.

– Lumps or Unhealthy Mass
Early symptoms of breast cancer in men is the formation of mass or lumps that are not painful. This mass is generally behind the nipple or nearby. This mass can be felt by the bare hands. If you find this sign you should see your doctor immediately.

– Bleeding Out of Putting
Another early symptom of male breast cancer is the discharge of fluid or blood or white fluid from the nipple. This is a serious sign that should not be ignored. The release of blood from the nipple is a sign of severe cancer for both men and women.

– Weakness and Fatigue
Just like other cancer symptoms, early signs of men’s breast cancer also include weakness and stiffness in the body. Cancer cells can multiply quickly and cause the body to feel very tired. The body loses energy and decreases metabolism. Stiffness can also be a sign of dehydration.

– Weight Loss and Appetite
Weight loss is one of the earliest signs of male breast cancer. The body can not absorb the nutrients from food as before. The body also loses its ability to digest food causing decreased appetite.

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