Routine Physical Activity, Families Avoid Non-Communicable Diseases

Routine Physical Activity, Families Avoid Non-Communicable Diseases

Generally, non-infectious diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyles, one of which is a lack of physical activity. The density of business and high mobility makes people less allocate time to exercise. In addition, advanced technology increasingly facilitates the community in meeting the needs, so that activities that require movement of the body was reduced. Lack of physical activity also resulted in the trend of non-communicable diseases, which initially suffered only by the elderly age group, now found in young age group (0-15 years) and productive age group (15-65 years). Routine physical activity can provide good benefits for the body, among them is to prevent disease, increase stamina, strengthen and nourish, increase flexibility, weight control, and improve the quality of life.

Although preoccupied with various activities and high mobility, physical activity can be done easily at home, at work, in public places, or on the go. Can start with easy movements, such as actively moving at home by doing your own homework, gardening or cleaning the yard, playing with children, and babysitting. Actively moving at work can be done using staircases rather than elevators and following gymnastics activities together in the office. Actively moving in public places can be done while still running even on the escalator, utilizing the city park for physical activity, multiple playing in open spaces (basketball, badminton, cycling). Actively moving on the journey can be done by biking to school or office, stopping 1-2 stops before the destination, and parking in a place a bit far from your destination.

To obtain maximum results, physical activity must be carried out with the principles of Good, True, Measurable, and Regular means Good physical activity is physical activity that is adjusted to the physical condition and ability so as not to cause adverse impacts, conducted in a healthy environment, safe, Comfortable, not prone to injury, using comfortable clothes and shoes. Correct physical activity is a gradual physical activity and starts from a warm-up exercise (including stretching), core exercises (exercises at the intended intensity), cooling exercises (including stretching).

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