Recognize the Causes of Your Machine’s Damage

Recognize the Causes of Your Machine’s Damage

If you have your lathe in the workshop, you must have understood well that the lathe has very little potential for damage. Because indeed from the beginning of its manufacture many components of the lathe were selected and assembled with fairly good quality material, therefore the price of the lathe on the market is arguably quite high. Even though it has been claimed to be durable and anti-damage, it does not mean that the lathe you use can still work perfectly. The most common part is the ball screw and if damage has occurred in this section then you should find a ball screw repair service as soon as possible. This can make your business stop cheap screws.

Also, the thing most often complained by the owners of the lathe is the decline in the performance of the engine / electric motor in his possession, this, of course, will cause a decrease in the quality and quantity of your work results in which the electric motor on the lathe can not work optimally. Lathe damage is usually caused by several factors such as:
• Hot
• Dirty
• Moist
• Excessive Vibration
• Power / Supply of unstable electricity

From some of these damage factors, you can already see if the engine / electric motor in the lathe is quite prone to wear and damage. The damage to the lathe itself is classified into 2 types of work namely:

• Damage to the Outside of the Motor: the quality of electric power input, misalignment, hot/humid/ no ventilation conditions, load conditions.

• Damage to the Inner Motor: aging, degradation.
But not only are some of the subscription diseases that often afflict the lathe in general, but there are also usually some other problems such as:
• Incorrect selection of lubricants
• Too late to replace parts that are worn and unscheduled
• Incorrectly installed and bearing settings
• Selection of inappropriate coupling parts

Not only the mechanical problems above that you often encounter, a person who has a lathe also must have experienced trouble with other technical things that are the main problem, especially if it is not about unstable Electric Power.

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