Proper Way to Store Honey

Proper Way to Store Honey

Honey is known as a rich golden yellow fluid that is rich in benefits. Its natural and non-toxic nature allows honey to be consumed when and by anyone. Although it can be stored for a relatively long period of time, the quality of honey may decrease if it does not pay attention to how it is stored. Storage mode can determine the quality of honey. Good storage will maintain the quality of raw honey. Here is the correct way to store honey:

– Store in refrigerator

Good honey, says Ivan, has a long period of use. Even so, storing it in the refrigerator will maintain the quality of honey. Especially when the honey container has been opened. Store in the refrigerator, prevent organisms or harmful processes from occurring in honey.

– Avoid sunshine

Sunlight makes black honey. This condition decreases the quality of honey. The black color is produced from the process of oxidation due to sunlight. Ivan suggests honey is kept in a closed container and sheltered by the sun. This maintains the quality of honey for many years.

– Use a plastic spoon

In use, honey should be poured on top of plastic cutlery. Avoid using a spoon made of metal to prevent the reaction of minerals with honey. The spoon of metal will provoke the reaction between minerals on honey and the cutlery. This can be proved by soaking a spoon in a honey. On the next day, the honey will turn blackish due to the reaction between minerals in spoons and honey.

Here are some benefits you can get from honey:

– Treating Infections In Luka
Who would have thought if this sweet food can treat the infection and inhibit the movement of bacteria in the wound? Because honey can absorb water causing infections in the wound and help the body to form new tissue damaged by wounds.

– Food preservative
It is very clear, honey is one of the foods that have a sweet taste. Because of this sweetness, honey is often used as a sugar substitute to make a cake.
Apart from the sweetness that is obtained, the cake mixed with honey will look more fresh and delicious because it contains natural antibiotics. You no longer need to use food preservatives that are harmful to health, use honey as a healthy food preservative.

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