Overcome Hacked Accounts with Some of These Ways

Overcome Hacked Accounts with Some of These Ways

At present, almost everyone uses an account on the internet to facilitate all their activities. For this reason, of course, there are many accounts on the internet, including the data of the owner of the account. For this reason, multi factor authentication examples is needed to maintain the security of the existing account. Because at this time the password is no longer considered a sophisticated safety device.

However, when the account you have is already hacked by an irresponsible person, there are several ways you can follow to overcome it. Some of the ways in question are

1. Change the password you have
After you successfully have an account, change the keywords as soon as possible. Use new keywords, don’t just recycle the previous password because it can potentially be hacked again. Use a more complicated password, but it can still be remembered well.
Then check your account regarding changes to personal data that occur, such as name, address, backup email, telephone number, and so on. Make sure you have checked with profile details because the hacker might enter information that can be used to re-enter your account.

2. Verify security checks
After the account is fully restored, immediately protect your account from possible hacking actions in the future by activating the security check verification feature.
One of the things you can do with this service is to enable two-step verification, where the login process requires the code sent to your phone. For example, Facebook allows you to add a list of trusted friends to verify the login process so as to prevent hacking. Review the account security model that you have.

3. Report to the company concerned
Large companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook give priority to user privacy. Therefore you don’t worry if the account has been hacked. The first thing you can do is tell the company in question.
For example, service ** Gmail Hack Report ** can help you to go to the right site page in creating a hack account report.

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