Olive Oil Can Overcome Hair Problems

Olive Oil Can Overcome Hair Problems

In infants aged 0-2 months, sometimes likes to appear scaly skin, yellow, and oil on the head. This is called the cradle cap. Cradle caps can usually disappear in a few weeks or months. The buildup can be prevented by washing your baby’s hair and scalp using baby shampoo. Cradle cap crust can also be removed by massaging organic extra virgin olive oil onto your child’s scalp every night. Hard crusts can be smoothed with baby oil before a massage. Keep in mind, massage the baby’s head should be soft and soft because the skull bone on the baby’s head is still soft and not like adults. If the crust is accompanied by a reddish rash that spreads to other body parts, there are injuries, or the baby is often fussy because itchy, immediately take your child to the nearest doctor.

People say hair is the crown of women (and men). In order for the hair is always beautiful and shiny, yuk, keep your hair healthy. One of them by utilizing olive oil for hair. But remember, if you have tried the above ways to keep hair healthy but hair is still problematic immediately consult a specialist skin so that the problem of hair is resolved.

How Long Can Olive Oil Be Used?

There are olive oil products that last three months from the production process. But there is also that can last up to two years. Even so, the benefits will be better if you spend no more than a year. According to research, the levels of antioxidants in olive oil will drop dramatically after being stored for a year, even though you have kept it well and correctly.

To get the benefits of olive oil to the maximum, you should buy olive oil that can roughly run out in half a year. Store the packaging in a dark place, away from light, and avoid the heat. It is recommended to store in black glass bottles. Make sure olive oil does not change color and smells when you use.

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