Mistakes In Designing Website

Mistakes In Designing Website

With such a great design, user functionality and effectiveness remains the key to the success of a website. The ease of navigating is, of course, necessary, even a simple search box can be the greatest friend to the user. Failed to navigate, it is a problem that users often encounter. A bad search can be due to a search engine that is too literal, that is the problem of typing errors, plural words, hyphens, and other variations of the requested term. To avoid these errors and other errors, you can visit conception site web montreal.

In addition, here are some other mistakes you can make when finishing the web:

1. Not Changing Colors of Visited Links

Users usually want to avoid opening the same page unintentionally. A good web design certainly prevents this from happening by changing the color of the links you have visited. Thus it will be clear which pages they have viewed or avoided reopening them.

2. Text Can not be Absorbed

Reading information from a website is not like sitting down and reading the entire book. The text presented does not have to be heavy, full and boring. You need to know that an online text is certainly different from the printed text. Users need the ability to be able to absorb from what they see on their monitor screen and understand the information they need quickly. Therefore, a good design requires a neat and interesting mapping in text and images.

3. Font Size

Adjustments in case of changing the necessary font size can avoid problems in terms of reading text because everyone has different preferences in reading the text. Users should not find it difficult to read your website content for what you want to show to audiences.

4. Page Title Hard to Find by Search Engines

The front page of a website usually always starts with the title of the company name page, followed by a short description of the site. As for the rest of the last page, remember to keep using keywords that indicate the content of the page content. If the page title is not done correctly and correctly, then the search and usability levels of the website can be significantly reduced.

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