Men who work night shift tend to be at risk of infertility

Men who work night shift tend to be at risk of infertility

The research examined by Dr. Alex Pastuszak basically does not prove the exact danger of the effects of shift work on men. However, people who work in shift systems, especially night shifts, can be at risk of many health problems government jobs. Examples are sleep problems and fertility problems, so medical care must be ensured to prevent the risk of this condition. On the other hand, perhaps you need to check out more job vacancies at jobcentreonline.

Previously, researchers had tried to better understand the role of “shift work” which requires that someone work outside of daytime work hours. But unfortunately, the impact of a working system like this can disrupt the circadian rhythm (rhythm of the body’s biological clock) and interfere with normal hormone function. In addition, shift work at night will have an impact on male disturbances and sleep patterns, such as insomnia or excessive sleepiness.

In this study, researchers examined 198 men related to their fertility and work patterns. The results were found, as many as 75 men were declared infertile due to working in shifts, then 96 men were indeed infertile, and the last 27 men were declared fertile because they did have children (children).

If examined from the results, men who experience average infertility are people who work at night, and their sperm quality is also much lower than those who work during the day. Pastuszak also concluded that if too much or too little sleep time a person can change the circadian rhythm and damage the hormone levels of genes that are important for sperm production.

Night shift work also often causes urinary problems

Other studies also examined the causes of nearly 2,500 men who went to fertility clinics and had problems with urination. Again, the most common cause of male urinary problems is caused by the effects of night shift work that affects their sleep patterns and health.

Worse, this urinary problem is accompanied by weak erections and low testosterone levels. Some of the symptoms of urinary problems in men who work at night are frequent urination, small urine, and even enlarged prostate.

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