The Major Factors That Will Make Your Presentations Attractive

The Major Factors That Will Make Your Presentations Attractive

The success of your presentation will be determined by how optimally you can maximize the main factor of the presentation. In fact, this content is what really the basis of your presentation becomes. In addition to the solid and clear content, you should also pay attention to an interesting presentation design. Currently, you can easily get a beautiful design presentation with powerpoint templates free that you can find on the internet.

Apart from that, here are some key factors that will make your presentation interesting!

1. Content
Content is anything to do with the content of your presentation. Examples of the supporting components present in this content factor are:

Define the presentation topic
Select and limit the important points to be conveyed
Arrange the flow of material to flow with a comfortable & easy to understand
Designing how to explain each point so that the presentation can be varied and memorable
And actually, there are many other things you can do in the preparation of this content. In a presentation, this is the part that should be determined and made first, otherwise, the other two factors (design and delivery) will be messy.

But unfortunately, it is this part that is often escaped the attention of the presenter.
A common mistake is that once the presenter gets the assignment to the presentation, the first thing they do is create a slide (design factor).

2. Design
The design is anything related to your presentation slides. This is the latest factor in presentations that arise due to technological developments. In ancient prophet, philosopher or emperor there is no presentation using PowerPoint.

As the times progressed, PowerPoint slides are now a medium used almost every circle. Students, managers, directors and even CEOs if present is using this PowerPoint tool. It’s just that when many people use it, it does not mean they are able to use it effectively.
Many presentations become boring because of the use of slides that are full of text. This is further exacerbated by the way the presentation of the back of the audience and read the text on the word slide per-word.

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