Like It’s Weather Preparation For Those Who Want to Live in Australia

Like It’s Weather Preparation For Those Who Want to Live in Australia

Often you think that when you migrate to another country, you do not think about the weather there? Because not all countries have a perfect climate. For that reason if you do Immigration Australia then you must first recognize the climate in Australia is very unique. Why? Because although including the western country, the climate is relatively stable (not too hot as in Africa, and not too cold as in Canada). In general, the weather in Australia can be divided into 4 categories, namely Spring, where you will see many new plants bloom (after autumn/winter). The weather this season is more or less between hot and cold (but more heat). For most people spring is the right season for a picnic with friends or family.

The season where Air Conditioner (AC) is your best friend. Summer in Australia usually starts in December (Christmas in Australia is held in summer FYI). The temperature (on average) reaches 35 – 40 degrees centigrade. Who can make students who rarely hang – out to be able to go to the supermarket? For Australians, this summer is a good time to go to the beach or want to change the color of the skin (to look exotic brownish). No wonder if you go to the beach in Australia during the summer, we can be sure the beach there is very crowded. Popular beaches in Australia such as BONDI beach in SYDNEY, and SCARBOROUGH beach in Perth. In autumn, you will find many leaves turn brownish, and fall one after the other. No doubt for those of you who live in boarding / rent will work extra hard to clean the page full of leaf litter (ahem). Make you a hobby of photographs, is a fitting moment. The weather is better today than it was in summer. The temperature is also relatively cool for roads or activities.

Beware for those of you who will feel the winter in Australia. Because for those who are first in Australia, and trying to adapt there, you are likely to experience insomnia. Why? The winter temperature in Australia can reach 4 degrees Celsius. Sometimes it can be mined (but that’s rare). AC at home is also most stuck 18 degrees. So you can imagine the struggle. Usually, sales for warm blankets and heater (read: heating room) will experience significant sales during this period. However, it is advisable to NOT try to buy a heater (pay the electricity sometimes is a bit outrageous).

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