Knowing More About HGH

Knowing More About HGH

Human growth hormone (HGH) is the hormone responsible for human growth from childhood until he grew up. After humans have grown large, it does not mean this hormone is not useful, but this hormone is responsible for keeping the body’s organs remain in excellent condition. The glands responsible for producing HGH are pituitary glands. To help and improve the hormone HGH, you can visit our website and get the best hgh supplements.

The pituitary gland lies beneath the human brain. The size of this gland is as big as soybeans. Although small, this gland is the king of all glands that produce hormones in the human body. The production of HGH greatly affects the production of other hormones in the body. Then how can HGH affect organs?

The HGH produced by the pituitary gland first flows through the blood vessels to the liver. In the heart, HGH is converted to IGF 1 (insulinlike Growth Factor 1). Then through the blood circulation, IGF 1 flows throughout the organs of the human body. IGF 1 is responsible for maintaining all the organs in the human body. Because the maintenance of organs in the human body, the immunization system in the human body also participated maintained. It is no wonder why a young person in whom his HGH production is still abundant, they are more resistant to disease and hardly find any diseases common to older people.

If you want to increase HGH, you need to reduce your sugar intake. Sugar and carbohydrates that have been in though can increase insulin levels, so reducing intake can increase the level of growth hormone. A study showed that people who did not get diabetes had 3 to 4 times higher levels of HGH than people with diabetes who had impaired insulin and carbohydrate function. Because it affects insulin levels, excessive sugar intake plays an important role in weight gain and obesity which can also affect HGH levels. In other words, reducing sugar intake at certain times does not affect your growth hormone levels over a long period of time. Try to achieve a balanced and healthy diet. 90% of the food intake you eat can affect your health, hormones and body composition.

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