Know these tips if you love your brain

Know these tips if you love your brain

One easy tip to maintain brain health is by refreshing. No matter how busy humans are, in fact, refreshing is needed to clear the mind and refresh the nerves of the brain. Brain feel tired and burdened by daily activities, If never do refreshing activity will trigger nerve tension of brain causing headache and stress. Refreshing can be done in various ways, namely the road to the place that can make the brain more relaxed and comfortable, such as mountains, Beach, People’s stage show and so forth. Meanwhile, you may go to Nootropics Blog if you want to check out a great brain supplement for adults.

Train the right and left the brain

Practicing the ability, speed, and accuracy of the left and right brain in responding to something is very important. Train kana and left brain simultaneously can increase intelligence, Strengthen the memory and make the brain work more active and creative. For example, to improve the quality of the right brain a person learns to paint and imagine as high as possible through the game of music, As for the left brain can learn counting and skills in analyzing a formula and numbers.

Avoid drugs

Chemical substances on drugs such as heroin drugs, Ecstasy pills and the like are very hard and can damage the network of blood vessels to the brain inside. Toxic chemicals that have entered and sediment in the brain can injure and contaminate the nerves of the brain’s subtle nerves, As a result, brain function will be disrupted and the health of the brain threatened will decrease. Decreased memory and loss of rational thinking ability is the beginning of the damage that occurs in the brain due to the use of drugs in the long run.

Avoid dangerous activities

As far as possible avoid any activities or activities that are harmful and potentially hurt the head, such as playing cycling, Motorcycle racing or rock climbing, mountain climbing or climbing places where high and steep without a head protector. Brain health tends to be determined by day-to-day habits. If you want to do activities that require courage and special skills should consult and practice in advance with a person skilled in their field.

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