Know the types of baristas who are wanted by the coffee shops out there

Know the types of baristas who are wanted by the coffee shops out there

Here’s a glimpse of the initial step to becoming a barista, then the next thing to really become a barista is to know yourself and get to know the coffee shop where the barista works. Some baristas sometimes bump into the personal ideology and ideology of the coffee shop where they work. And usually coffee shop ideology is formed from customers who come after each other, whether coming only enjoy the design of latte art or enjoy the taste of the latte art, this is a different matter. Apart from that, you may check out CGS to find high-quality coffee machines online.

The Baristas who are wanted by the coffee shops

Accuracy And Execution When Working

For the first time, the barista will be dealing with the coffee shop manager, and this is where the baristas are tested before work. How a barista makes their coffee dish, how to pour milk for latte dish, how to make the manual brew and other brewing.

Friendly And Polite In Service

Depending on how the concept of coffee shop, but in general barista will deal directly with customers, then need a barista with a friendly and polite person. Not only understand the delicious coffee served, but have a polite person to respond to questions or suggestions from customers.

Flexible And Reliable

The challenge of working to become a barista is work on a holiday. Because the manager of the coffee shop would be interested in the barista who is willing to work on holidays because usually, a holiday will be crowded visitors.

Able to work together

The expertise of a barista is indeed the main one, but working together with the staff team will be an added value. Communication skills with fellow staff are very important, even this communication will be a serious thing when communicating with customers. How to respond to customer complaints, and how to respond to strange questions about coffee from customers.

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