Know The Practical Way To Clean The Fur Carpet

Know The Practical Way To Clean The Fur Carpet

With a pet at home, then you will get a variety of fun and fun activities that you can do with the pet. However, the thing that will inconvenience you is the animal hair that will stick to the carpet in your house. You can use theĀ best vacuum cleaner for carpet to remove the feather on your carpet because you can not just let it go.

One type of carpet that is difficult to clean is the fur carpet. With so much fiber on the feather, then you have to be patient to clean it up. There are several ways you can do to remove various dirt on the fur carpet. Some of the ways you can use are as suggested below.


1. Clean with a soft brush
For daily maintenance, you simply flick the fur carpet outside the house to remove any dust that sticks. Or use a soft brush to wash the feather rug so that all the dirt drops.

2. Drying the carpet
Do not forget to dry the carpet at least once a week to eliminate bacteria and germs. Drying the carpet will also prevent the carpet become damp and smell unpleasant.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner
Eliminating dust with vacuum should be done on both sides. But for the upper side or the hairy part, you should cover with a cloth so that the vacuum cleaner straw does not damage the fur.
Then suction the dust on the bottom of the carpet without coating it with a cloth.

4. Eliminate stains with vinegar and baking soda
Vinegar and baking soda can remove the stain and fur in your carpet perfectly. So, you can choose the materials to make your carpet looks clean and you cannot get a disease. Because, in the fur, there are contain all of the disease you can get.

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