Did You Know That Images on the Car’s Camera is Reversed?

Did You Know That Images on the Car’s Camera is Reversed?

If you have the latest car with a price more hundreds of millions, most likely the vehicle has been equipped with features that facilitate the driver when they want to park backward. The feature in question is not a parking sensor, which will sound as distance to the object in front of it. What is meant is a system that will guide the driver through the LCD screen on the car dashboard.

This model parking guide system uses a small camera, similar to that used to monitor indoor or environmental conditions (closed circuit television or CCTV). The tool is a rare view camera. But before you decide to buy the tool it will be better if you detail in choosing it and ensure that the tool is the best rear view camera.

In addition, to install on new cars, this system can also be purchased separately, to be installed on older cars. The technology surrounding the parking camera, which is sometimes also referred to as a reverse camera, is also already widely found in the market. There are just displaying images, some are complete with indicators of distance and sound.

Types of cameras that are used are also many, ranging from showing only black and white to color images. There is also a camera that can display images clearly without the help of light (infrared camera). Uniquely, although the types and types are different, all these devices have one thing in common, ie all the images will be displayed in reverse left and right. That is, if there is a mark or logo posted on the back of the car, then the writing or logo will be displayed in reverse.

There is one powerful reason why images are displayed that way. This relates to the orientation of the driver. When the position of our body pointed to the rear, then the car’s right wheel on the left side, and vice versa. If this is allowed, then the driver of the car staring at the screen on the dashboard will see the right wheel of the car on the left side. As a result, he must turn the wheel to get in the right direction. So, in order to avoid it, the image is intentionally reversed, so the left side that the driver sees is the left side of the car.

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