Know How Important Preventing Web Design Mistakes

Know How Important Preventing Web Design Mistakes

Web display is something that affects someone to stay or turn away from your website. It is not just a matter of appearance, but the web must have the functional value from what has been designed.

A beautiful web doesn’t mean that there are some parts that don’t work. Unfortunately, not a few web designers actually miss this functionality problem. Here are the mistakes of web design you can prevent when choosing the right Web Design Malaysia.

1. Complex navigation

There is actually no navigation standard for a website, but your job is to ensure that navigation is intuitive, consistent and makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for quickly. Good navigation determines how visitors experience your website.

You can adjust the navigation structure according to the theme of the website, for your personal blog you can make it creative but user-friendly. While navigation on business sites must be clear and efficient.

2. Hidden Search Bar

When you open a site to find something, the first thing you might look for is the search bar. The reason is that you want the web to search for keywords that you input without having to misrepresent the entire page. What if they don’t find search bars or are they hidden? Therefore, place the search bar in a place that is easy to find, for example in the right-hand header.

3. Not Mobile Friendly

It’s no longer the time to scroll right or left to read an entire content. Moreover, internet usage is now not only done on one device but done through various platforms. Designers are now required to make web designs that match various device sizes. The web is not only neat when displayed on a computer screen, but also on a mobile gadget. To ensure the web appearance looks neat on all devices, web designers must design the web using responsive web design techniques. The advantage of websites like this is that it is neat and comfortable to read, it saves costs because it spends costs at the same time for some device versions, it can be relied on because once coding and design will adjust to all media.

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