How to Know That God Exists?

How to Know That God Exists?

“Are You There, God?” This question is asked by many people at any time in their lives when they seek answers or want to know that they are not alone. Some people spend their entire lives searching for God, some never find Him. And then there are those who believe so much in God, devoting their whole lives to serving. How can these people so believe that God is real, and how others can have a witness for themselves? Here are some ways to know that god is real.

– Ask Him
The best way to know if God exists is to ask Himself. He has declared that anyone who asks with an earnest heart then he will get an answer. God is real and He wants to speak to us His people. If you begin to ask Him, you can be sure that God will be present. When God answers you, you will not only know that God exists, but you will know that He knows you personally and answers your prayers. You will gain an understanding of how important and precious prayers are and create lasting relationships with your Creator.

– Open Your Heart
Very important when you seek God You have to open your heart. God speaks through mind and heart. His Word can come into your mind or His answer may be a feeling that pierces your heart. There are some things that are beyond the understanding of science that can be seen and heard and can only be felt with your heart. Love is for example. Love cannot be seen or touched but can be felt with the heart and in this way how you can know it exists. It is in your heart that you will find God. This is how God speaks to His people and how to seek Him, you must be open to the unseen, to the things that speak to your heart.

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