Keep cool in hot weather

Keep cool in hot weather

When the weather is hot, our body gets hot. We sweat to reduce body heat. This biological process called thermoregulation is normal and occurs in every human With external factors in the form of hot weather, our bodies need a few moments to keep adjusting. You might sweat more during heat because your body works harder to reduce the temperature that is affected by the temperature around you. Sweat contains water, protein, and oil which is the cause of sticky sweat. In conditions like this, sweat evaporates and leaves oil content on the surface of the skin causing a feeling of stickiness. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call the trusted ac repair las vegas whenever you must repair your air conditioner as soon as possible.

How to deal with hot weather?

Whether you’re inside or indoors, if you feel hot, do the following tips:

Drink plenty of water so that your body works more effectively in keeping the temperature low enough. Water cannot be replaced by carbonated or alcoholic drinks to prevent dehydration.

Avoid exercising at midday. If you want to exercise outdoors, do it in the morning when the air is cooler.

Wear brightly colored clothes and light fabrics, such as cotton and linen. These types will allow your skin to breathe and sweat evaporates so that it returns to your body’s coolness.

We sweat about 300 ml every day through both legs. If possible, wear sandals or flip-flops to make your sweat on your feet volatile. Get tips on sweaty feet here.

Turn on the fan to rotate the air entering through the window. Close the curtains during the day so that the temperature inside your house does not rise as long as you are not at home.

Spicy foods do cause you to sweat more, but this can be beneficial in hot weather because sweat helps you stay cool. The same applies to hot drinks, but remember to drink plenty of water after drinking coffee or tea because caffeine causes dehydration.

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