Juice vs Smoothies, Which’s Healthier and Nutritious for the Body?

Juice vs Smoothies, Which’s Healthier and Nutritious for the Body?

Juice and smoothies are drinks that are not only refreshing but also healthy for the body because they are both made from selected fruits and vegetables. No wonder many people regularly drink juice or smoothies as an alternative to meet their daily nutritional needs. But in between, which one is better for the body? Drinking a juice or drinking a smoothie? Check out the reviews below. Before that, you can visit our website to get 5 Commercial juicers for heavy-duty juicing.

Between juices and smoothies, which ones are lower in calories?

Fruit juice is generally lower in calories than smoothies. The reason, the juice is usually only made with fruit or vegetables (or a combination of both), with the addition of a little sugar as a sweetener. Meanwhile, the smoothies texture is denser than the juice because it is usually added a thickener such as a yogurt, milk, peanut butter, tofu silk, honey, chia seed, protein powder, to ice cream. These additional ingredients ultimately boost the calorie value in one glass of smoothies. So, smoothies are actually less suitable to be a drink of your big dinner friends, because it can multiply too much calorie intake in your body. However, if you put too much sugar into your juice, your juices can also contribute excessive amounts of calories, even higher than your main meal calories.

Which is higher protein?

Since the main ingredient of the juice is simply the fruit or vegetable of your choice, the protein content in one glass of juice will certainly be less than smoothies. The reason, protein content in smoothies come from the thickening, whether it’s milk, yogurt, until milk protein. Therefore, for those of you who are in need of additional high protein, a smoothie can be a choice of your drink every day. But if you feel your protein needs are well supplied from food, drinking juice is the most appropriate choice.

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