Interesting facts you should know about the keto diet

Interesting facts you should know about the keto diet

A diet which is called ketogenic is not really a new thing, because the diet method developed by Dr. R. M. Wilders in the 1920s was originally used to reduce seizures in epilepsy patients. Because people with epilepsy among children and adolescents are sometimes very difficult to control, if the drugs given to these patients are not able to cope with frequent seizures, doctors will usually recommend ketogenic diets. In the meantime, you can also check out keto bcaa to know more about this popular diet.

But along with the times, this method is also often used to overcome the problem of obesity. So what is called ketogenik? Often also called low carb high fat diet.

ketogenic is to consume very little carbohydrate; generally less than 20 grams a day, so that our bodies are in ketosis state.

The state of ketosis is when the body no longer uses glucose to produce energy, but uses using ketone. This is the acid in the blood produced by the body, the result of burning fat when we no longer consume carbohydrates or sugar. This ketone can be used as a source of energy by various tissues in the body, especially the brain.

Nina Teicholz in his book The Big Fat Surprise, wrote that recommendations for eating low-fat and high-fiber “and complex carbohydrates” diet proved to be very weak. And seeing the state of public health of the United States since the food pyramid (which reflects the diet) was launched by the USDA in 1982, obesity is even more numerous.

What is the advantage of training the body by using ketones as a “fuel” of the body, and not glucose? The human digestive system breaks down the incoming carbohydrates into sugars which are then converted into glucose or blood sugar. Glucose is used the body as a source of energy and ignore fat and other compounds.

Therefore, according to the book The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner, write down as long as we still consume carbohydrates, the fat in our body will not decrease. Do not be lulled by the promise of complex carbohydrates, because the end result when parsed in our bodies is still sugar.

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