Installation aircon for your needs

Installation aircon for your needs

Marvelous is the best place to service your air conditioner. Not only servicing your air conditioner, but they also will taking care of your air conditioner, install, and also repairing. Marvelous aircon is located in Singapore. That is why this air conditioner service company is also called aircon installation Singapore. Marvelous aircon is very professionals. They chose the latest equipment and technologies to take care of your air conditioner.


As mentioned before, marvelous are very professionals. It can be seen from the people they chose to work with them. They are hiring an experienced and skilled person to take care of your air conditioner. Marvelous aircon has any kind and types of services. There are normal servicing, chemical wash, chemical overhaul, gas topping, and troubleshooting. For any further information about their services, you can contact them or visit their websites, Actually, the services they have quite the same. They will check and clean some parts of your air conditioner. Things that make the services different is the condition of your air conditioner or there are some services that asked you to add some solution.

Marvelous aircon company is the best place to service your air conditioner. They offer a 90 days warranty. So if something bad happens to your air conditioner after being repaired in marvelous aircon, you can claim the warranty to them. The price that was given by the marvelous aircon is also affordable. The price they were offered starts from 40 dollars to 550 dollars. The price depends on the type of services you chose. Marvelous aircon also gives you the best price. The more air conditioner you have to be served in marvelous aircon, the more discount you will get. For example, for the chemical overhaul, 1 FCU is cost around 150 dollars, but for 2 FCU it only cost around 280 dollars.

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