Identify Some Human Character Like Mosquitoes

Identify Some Human Character Like Mosquitoes

Mosquito is the insects are very annoying by people for bringing many diseases. For that, usually many people are finally looking for the right way to be able to eradicate the mosquitoes in their homes. They will usually find out the Pest Survival Guide in order to know for sure, how to kill mosquitoes in a proper way.

Many diseases are carried by this one insect. For this reason, there are no people will be bitten by mosquitoes carrying the disease. However, you will know what human’s characteristic that mosquitoes usually like.

– People With Large Body Size
This is not because someone with the big size body has blood and more meat, but because he was issued more carbon dioxide. A mosquito detects human presence through the carbide dioxide that it breathes out when breathing. Mosquitoes can smell release of carbon dioxide within a great distance, which is about 50 meters through a special organ called the maxillary palp. The more you release the carbon dioxide, the stronger the mosquitoes will taste you.

– Owner of Blood Type O
The best reason for this type of blood type owners is that mosquitoes are preferred because the type of protein in their blood is considered the best. This blood was able to support the mosquito eggs that existed alma female mosquito body. The mosquito identifies the presence of this protein in the blood through chemical signals diluted by the body, especially the body’s aroma.

– Someone Newly Finished Exercising
After exercising, you will typically produce more carbon dioxide as it is breathing faster. In addition, other components in the lactic acid rings also invite mosquitoes to come. You are strongly advised to cleanse yourself after exercising.

– Women Who Are Pregnant
There are several reasons why pregnant women tend to be liked by mosquitoes. One of them is because carbon dioxide levels are released more because in the body there are babies who also breathe.

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