How to recognize the high-quality essential oils

How to recognize the high-quality essential oils

Many people assume that all products labeled “essential oil” are the Certified, genuine, and natural essential oils. Unfortunately, not all of these products come from natural or native ingredients from plants. Along with technological advances, on the market offered a lot of essential oils from chemicals without any plant elements at all. Whereas essential oil and aromatherapy prerequisites should use plant oil essence. Essential oils labeled “fragrance oil” or “perfume oil” indicate the product is made of synthetic essential oil and should not be used in aromatherapy treatments. Synthetic essential oils just duplicate the aroma alone, not the aromatic element that is actually beneficial for the treatment. It should be remembered that the element of life force in plants is irreplaceable, as are the hormones and enzymes found in the human body.

1. Squeeze on paper and wait a few hours. Essential oils will not leave marks at all because they are volatile, except in dark-colored essential oils such as patchouli, German chamomile, sandalwood or vetiver. In addition to these types of oils, when leaving marks on paper such as exposure to cooking oil (looks transparent) then the possibility of mixed solvents or synthetic essential oils.

2. Smell the aroma. Synthetic essential oil fragrance is sharper. So even if mixed with alcohol will smell.

3. Use the price of rose essential oil (rose) or jasmine (jasmine) is very expensive as a benchmark. The price of the original rose or jasmine oil reaches can be quite expensive. If the price is found far below the average market price, we should suspect it is synthetic oil. In addition, if you find different types of essential oils in the same volume with the same price you should not buy them, because the price of the original essential oil varies by type.

4. Some oils cannot be produced naturally such as lily, lotus, magnolia, peach, strawberry, green tea, apples. All of them are synthetic oils unless the price is very expensive.

5. Packed in dark-colored glass bottles, because it is easily damaged by the sun and heat.

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