How to get easy kills in Fortnite

How to get easy kills in Fortnite

If you play Fornite often, but you still find it quite hard to get kills, especially to be the top player of the match, then perhaps you need to rethink your strategy and even change the way you approach and kill the enemy. That’s why you also need to know the tricks and the timing that will help you to beat a lot of players in the game, all the while increasing your chance to survive and even becoming the last man standing in this battle royale game. So that’s why we’d like to share a few tips with you. Meanwhile, you can try to use the hack fortnite program if you want to have the easier time to get the in-game currency in this game.

Wait until you see people shoot at each other

It’s true that being at the right time and place when other players are shooting and bombing each other can be quite rare. However, when it comes down to this kind of a scenario, it’d be a wise choice for you to wait until they finish off each other, and try to kill the sole survivor of that little gun fight. This allows you to have the easier time to kill the weakened player with the lower numbers of HP, all the while increasing your chance of winning the game.
Locate the loots, and trap other players with them

If you’ve secured enough loot for yourself and then you manage to find a stash of them later, then it’d be a good idea for you to not pick them up just yet, especially if it’s a famous spot to have a lot of weapons and supplies. Therefore, just wait and lay some trap around the treasure chest of weapons and ammo, finish off those who dare enough to trespass on your property. However, if the player numbers have been reduced significantly, then you can take those supplies for yourself to help you beat the remaining players.

Find those who are busy with building construction

If you find someone who is too busy building things, finishing them can be quite easy with the right timing and an excellent element of surprise.

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