How to Do a Cervical Cancer Detection

How to Do a Cervical Cancer Detection

Cervical cancer is cancer caused by infection with the HPV virus, which can be transmitted through skin to skin contact easily. It is cancer that is very familiar to women and has claimed many victims. So that’s why so many women feel frightened and prefer to do a cervical cancer detection early on. There is so many technological sophistication that exists today, which is so good to detect it. If you want to know more information about it, just check down below.

Cervical Cancer Detection

The first thing to do cervical cancer detection is by using PAP smear. It is a tool that can detect cancer experienced by women earlier with only 10 to 20 minutes test. Through this test, it can detect the pre-cancer stage or the condition before cancer occurs. PAP smear checks the condition of a person’s cervical cell or cervix, then the doctor will continue to do check in the laboratory to get the best results. But make sure to do this test when you are not menstruating and do it routinely every three years when you are sexually active.

It’s not only by using PAP smear, but you can also use the IVA test. It is a cervical cancer detection that is used to detect the first cervical cancer, which is cheaper than another test. You can know the results directly without waiting for a long time. It just needs 3-5 percent of acetic acid and vinegar to know the result. Is it so easy and cheaper, right? You can do it regularly to avoid cancer.

That’s all the information about how to do cervical cancer detection. So, now you know how to detect cancer correctly, right? It is the first step to avoid you from the dangerous disease that will threaten your life. Hope this will be useful for us.

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